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New Mexico Public Access Law – Statutes and Court Rules (unannotated)
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These statutes are current through the Second Session of the Fifty-Second Legislature (2016).
Includes rules effective April 17, 2017.
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Effective May 16, 2012, the New Mexico Compilation Commission is providing history notes of all sections of law on this public access site. This will enable members of the public to see when the earlier versions were enacted, and also enable the public to see if the section was amended by any other laws passed and signed by the governor during the same session of the legislature. When a "history note" below a section of law indicates that the section was amended by more than one Chapter of Laws during the same session of the legislature, the section that is set out and compiled may or may not reflect the changes and provisions of all the Chapters of Laws amending that section. If not, the changes made in the other Chapters of Laws will be reflected in the history note as having been enacted in the same session of the legislature, and though not reflected in the compilation, may still be current and enforceable law.
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